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Welcome to Piestany - one of the most famous spa towns in Europe, Piestany has attracted visitors for two millennia. Roman soldiers are believed to have first bathed in the healing water around the time of the birth of Christ. Then in 1421, King Zigmund of Luxembourg travelled great distances to sample the waters for himself. Seemingly everyone who is anyone has been here, from Bulgarian Czar Ferdinand I to former PM Vladimir Meciar, hockey star Jaromir Jagr to supermodel Claudia Schiffer.

Piestany’s healing water, which bubbles up from the banks of the Vah and Rameno Vahu rivers, is said to cure a wide range of ailments, from nervous disorders to tendon and ligament ailments. But the water also works wonders on visitors hungry for nothing more than a bit of weekend pampering.

Spa Island is the main attraction. Several grand hotels and spa houses create a sprawling complex offering an impressive 2,300 beds to visitors on any given night. The best part about the island is its parks. In the spring and summer, a swirl of colour bursts from the ground. Shaded groves, limitless beds of flowers, and a tranquil water garden all lend to the easygoing atmosphere.

Further adding to the city’s sedate character is the weather. According to the book ‘Slovakia Spas - Health and Beauty Walks’, the town is in one of the warmest and sunniest regions in Slovakia. “The sun shines here for around 2,080 hours per year,” it reads. That equates into sunshine for nearly half of the daylight hours (4,380) in a year.

Just north of the bridge that connects the city centre to Spa Island is a rustic suspension bridge leading to a secluded slice of land in the middle of the Vah. Ten minutes later, walkers, joggers and bikers find themselves lost in a tranquil river world. The only sounds are the gentle murmur of the water, the buzzing insects, and the wild calls of birds.
Places of Interest

Loczy Cave
found in 1894 on the western side of the Tamás Hill and was opened to the public in 1934.

Helikon Castle Museum
is one of the three largest baroque style castles in Hungary.

Badacsony, Geological and Botanical Nature Trail
English information boards tell us about the geological, botanical, zoological values of the volcanic hills

Dollmuseum (Collection of national costume)
shows the national costume of last century of historical and the national cultical.

Special Events

Balaton Film Festival

Wine Sign Wine Festival of Zala

Dance Panorama of Keszthely

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