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Welcome to Warsaw - the Polish capital with its thriving nightlife and rich history, make Warsaw a travellers dream. 85% of the city was completely destroyed in World War II. Immediately after the war the enormous task of restoration begin, and Warsaw re-emerged phoenix-like. Parts of the historic city, most notably the Old Town, have been meticulously restored to their previous condition.

Warsaw is not the cold and dead city it used to be under communism rule. Today with a bustling Polish economy the city has undergone a huge transformation.

The home of Marie Curie and Chopin is best seen on foot although there is an efficient public transport system with buses and trams dissecting the city. For entertainment enjoy a Summer Concert in Lazienki Park, a drink in one of Warsaw's bustling bars or sip a coffee on one of the main shopping streets. There are no licencing hours and many bars and clubs stay open until the last guests leave.

For many people, the very symbol of the city is the voluminous Palace of Culture and Science, which was gifted to Warsaw by Stalin. The viewing balcony is now accessible via express lifts and this is the best venue for visitors to get aquainted with the layout of the city.
Places of Interest
The Royal Castle
Competely re-built between 1971 and 1984

Chopin Museum
Featuring among other things his last piano and a collection of manuscripts

The Marie Sklodowska-Curie Museum
Features modest displays about the woman in the house where she was born

The Zacheta Contemporary Art Gallery
Features modern paintings, sculptures and photographs
Special Events
International Book Fair

Late June to Early July
The Warsaw Summer Jazz Days

June to July
The Mozart Festival

'Art of The Street' International Festival

Warsaw Autumn Festival of Contemporary Music
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