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Welcome to Karlovy Vary - this is the largest and oldest of the Czech Republic's spa towns. The foundation and development of Karlovy Vary (formerly Carlsbad) has always been inseparably connected with the soothing curative effect of its warm mineral springs. They marked the history, architecture, economy and the whole spirit of the city. The springs have fascinated people and have stimulated them since the oldest times

Karlovy Vary has been for centuries one of Central Europe's most famous spas. Its historic guest list reads like a Who's Who of famous names, among them Wagner, Freud, Chopin and Tolstoy. Legend has it that King Charles IV came upon the springs in 1360 and promptly named the area in honour of him self.

The town's tradition of manufacturing crystal and porcelain, and of hosting various festivals and concerts is an apt complement to its life as a spa. And has a further claim to fame. For the last two centuries it has been inseparably linked with the production of a world-famous herbal liqueur, and it also has a tradition of producing mineral water. The most interesting sites include the Orthodox church of St Peter and Paul, the Town Theatre, the Mill Colonnade and the church of St Maria Magdalene
Places of Interest
The most powerful of the 12 springs which releases 2,500 gallons of water per hour

Lanova Draha
The funicular runs every 15 minutes, which offers a spectacular panorama at the top

Stara Louka
Karlovy Vary's most famous shopping street, it once rivalled Vienna's Karntnerstrasse for elegance
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