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Ceske Budejovice

Cesky Krumlov

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Hotels in the Czech Republic

Here is a selection of some of the top hotels in the Czech Republic. Make the most of your visit by exploring some of the lesser known towns and cities. Discover the local treasures that few people travelling to the Czech Republic ever get to see or even know exist. Take a look at the recommended tours and a selection of fun things to do and make your stay a memorable one.

Hotel Bellagio
4 Star
Karlovy Vary
Grand Hotel Pupp
5 Star
Ceske Budejovice
Hotel Maly
5 Star
The Hotel Bellagio The Grand Hotel Pupp The Hotel Maly
A welcoming 4 star hotel, with a great location, excellent value for money Beautiful spa hotel located in the former Carlsbad. One of the top hotels in the Czech Republic Located in the historical centre of town. A lovely hotel with quirky rooms.

Tours in the Czech Republic

The Terezin Memorial
Half a day tour
Karlstein Castle
Day tour
Karlovy Vary
Day tour
Terezin Memorial Karlstern Castle Karlovy Vary
A tragic symbol of the sufferings of tens of thousands of innocent people who died here during the Nazi occupation You have read the book, you have seen the film, now visit the Castle and see one of the most breathtaking views in Europe Beautiful 'Unesco' protected city, famous for it's spa waters, wonderful town square and locally brewed Bechorovka, a herbal drink with a great reputation

Fun Things to do in the Czech Republic

Ceske Budejovice
Budvar Brewery
Ghost Tour
Splindlerv Mlyn
Staropramen Brewery Ghost Tour Splindlerv Mlyn
Why not try a brewery tour of this world famous beer, not to be confused with it's American cousin that is similar in name A walk through the city at night but with a difference. Glide down the slopes, take a sleigh ride or even try parascending. Best of all how about a relaxing sauna and a few beers in a local hostelry ?
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